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Adorable Rabbit Harness

Adorable Rabbit Harness

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Product Description: Handmade by Angel Co Pets

Adorable harness with a leash for your rabbit. It can be used to walk with your rabbit. Available in ten colors: Gray, Blue, Orange, Pink, Light Gray, Light Green, Maroon, Light Blue, and Light Pink. Also, available in two sizes to satisfy all needs of animal lovers:


- Small ( suitable for bunnies and small rabbits ) - Nick Size: 7.9-10.2in (20-26cm), chest:       10.6 - 13.8in (27-35cm) - Weight: 1-2.5 kg (2.2-5.5 lbs)

- Medium (suitable for adult rabbits and cats ) - Nick Size: 10.2-13in (26-33cm), chest: 10.4    17.3in (34-44cm) - Weight:2.5-5 kg (5.5- 11 lbs)

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