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Pet IQ Toy

Pet IQ Toy

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Product Description: 

Introducing the Pet IQ Toy - the perfect combination of a pet toy and a feeder. This educational food toy allows your pet to enjoy the process of eating while also providing them with exercise. Say goodbye to boring meal times and hello to a fun and engaging way for your pet to find their food.

The Pet IQ Toy has the added benefit of a slow-food bowl, promoting healthy eating habits and preventing obesity and choking. Your pet will be able to eat at a slower pace, giving them time to savor their food and avoid any potential health issues.

But that's not all - the Pet IQ Toy also has a positive impact on your pet's intelligence and overall well-being. By stimulating their minds and encouraging problem-solving, this smart toy will make your pet smarter and more optimistic.

Material: Plastic
Weight: 619g
Specification: Diameter 22, height 8.5CM

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