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Pet Grooming Comb & Brush Trimmer

Pet Grooming Comb & Brush Trimmer

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Product Description: LUD PET

Deshedding Brush removes up to 95% of pet hair. Free you from annoying hair all over your home or car. The quick-release button makes it very easy and convenient to remove the Stainless Steel comb by pressing the Quick Release Button on the head of the tool. Grooming is proven to be healthy for cats and dogs. Gentle on your dog's and cat's skin, brushing will leave your pet with healthy skin. Keeping allergies at bay with regular brushing of your furry companion will reduce the likelihood and impact of allergic reactions in your home. 

A durable and non-slip handle provides a comfortable grip, Convenient eyelet makes it easy to store, clip, or hand your tool. Ideal for both long-haired or short-haired dogs or cats with thin and thick coats or sensitive skin. It has an undercoat rake and can be used for dematting and deshedding. 


This is a 4 inches stainless steel tine designed to penetrate the hair in order to comb the hair of your dog or cat. At the same time, it protects the skin of your pet from damage when the brush, to your pet, gives you a slidable massage, which increases blood circulation effectively and allows your door cat to feel well.


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