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Autumn Sport Jacket

Autumn Sport Jacket

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Product Description:

This sports jacket is great for training or playing in the dog park. It can also be used as a rain jacket or cold autumn-winter nights. The neckline and both sides of the body are inlaid with reflective cords, which is safer when traveling at night when there is insufficient light. The double-layer fabric gives a waterproof and warm-keeping effect as well.

Size  Chest Neck Height
XS 35 cm/13.78'' 26 cm/10.24'' 28
S 45 cm/17.72'' 32 cm/12.60'' 30
M 51 cm/20.08'' 36 cm/14.17'' 36
L 59 cm/23.23'' 40 cm/15.75'' 40
XL 65 cm/25.59'' 43 cm/18.11'' 46
XXL 73 cm/28.74'' 47cm/18.50'' 50
XXXL 87 cm/34.25'' 59 cm/23.23'' 64

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