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Hamster Transparent Pipe

Hamster Transparent Pipe

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Product Description:

Hamster Time!!.. This hamster tube is about playtime and catch me if you can. It's transparent but it comes in several colors such as light blue, pink, light green, and clear. You can also mix the colors as well. It's adjustable and you can really create some fun shapes, so don't hold back.


Material: Acrylic Plastic
Measurements: T-tube about 8 * 5.5 * 7.5 cm, length 14 cm * diameter 5.5 cm
Short straight tube: 5.5 cm high * 5.5 cm in diameter
U-shape bent tube: round mouth diameter 5, 5 cm
Head: 6 cm in diameter
Products include three-way pipe, long straight pipes, two short straight pipes, and four bent pipes. 
Weight: about 340g



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