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Puppy Teething & Boredom Toy Set

Puppy Teething & Boredom Toy Set

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Product Description:

Made of natural and non-toxic premium cotton, this dog toy set is eco-friendly and healthy for your pet to chew. They are teething cotton chew knots. This chew toy set can help clean or train a puppy's teeth and control tartar during chewing, reducing bacteria breeding and removing gum disease. These ten toys will prevent boredom and anxiety. 
These colorful rope toys can easily arouse your dog's interest and reduce loneliness and boredom. Making them happy effectively promotes proper chewing behavior. 


10-pack all kinds of puppy toy patterns that meet the dog's instinctive needs. It is a very perfect interactive dog toy set when you play with him or her indoors or outdoors. It will be a wonderful gift for your puppy or full-size dog!!

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