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Doggy Tumbler Feeder Ball

Doggy Tumbler Feeder Ball

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Production Description: 

Interactive fun feeder toy is made of Non-Toxic environmentally friendly PC material. Non-abrasive felt which just is assured that letting pet play it.  The colors are green, pink, and orange. Tumbler and inside bell design will arouse the dog's curiosity. Ideal for interactive fun for most dogs. A fun toy to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated!

Build-inside slow food structure design can effectively control the dog's feeding speed to prevent indigestion and improve its playing function. Fill the dog ball with your dog's favorite treats or food. Trust me, they don't want to put it down now. It's also an excellent tool for increasing pet IQ. 


- Automatic Feeder

- Material: PC/ABS/ Iron 

- Colors: Green, Pink, Orange

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