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All Terrain GF Dog Boots - Charcoal

All Terrain GF Dog Boots - Charcoal

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Product Description: Brand GF Pet

Waterproof, lightweight All-Terrain Boot w/ built-in sock

The GF PET waterproof All-Terrain Boots are ideal for any season to protect paws from snow, ice, rain, or hot pavement.  The warm sock is integrated into the lightweight waterproof boot and secured with an adjustable hook & loop strap to bring you dry, protected paws in any season or terrain. Flexible, durable, high-reaching, and ultra-grip sole. The boot fits easily like a sock!

Product details:

  • Waterproof Boot with built-in socks for added comfort and warmth
  • Adjustable hook & loop straps to secure the boot in place
  • Flexible, lightweight, ultra-grip, durable sole
  • The boot fits easily like a sock!
  • Lightweight
  • Unisex with authentic GF PET Logo on straps



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